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Let’s Fill the Bucket!

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

Last week was my first official Board Meeting. Many thanks again to all of you who have given me this opportunity to serve our District.

The District has multiple committees, and I’ve been assigned to the audit, budget, building and grounds, policy review, and technology committees. I’m also an alternate USBA delegate at large.

In a couple of weeks the Board will have a strategy meeting. This is where the Board determines what direction they want the Administration to pursue this upcoming year. Each Board member is asked for their “bucket items” and then these bucket items are voted upon.

This is where I’d love your input! What bucket items do you feel are the most important for our District?

Let me know by sending me an email at I’m here to represent you.

Feel free to visit my blog at for frequent updates.

Hope to hear from you soon!