About Brian Halladay

Brian believes Utah County is the best place to raise a family and educate children. Brian and his wife Michelle live in Pleasant Grove with their three children (and one dog).  He has actively been involved in his children’s education, at home and in school.

Brian is a CPA, and is currently working as the International Comptroller for a Utah County company. He loves numbers and solving tough problems. Brian knows how important fiscal responsibility is, from auditing the Alpine School District over 10 years ago, to auditing companies in Inner Mongolia, Brian brings a wealth of business and financial expertise.

Brian loves to see kids developing a passion for learning, especially when it comes to our country’s history. In 2011, Brian co-founded Utah Patriot Camp, an annual week-long summer camp designed to teach elementary-age children about our founding fathers and what makes our country great. It was a huge success, with over 100 children attending, and over 50 volunteers. This year, the camp has expanded to include 3 locations stretching up and down the Wasatch Front.

Brian feels a duty to be engaged in serving his community. He most recently served as the GOP Chairman of Legislative District 57, Education Officer of Legislative District 57, and state and county delegate. He is also actively teaching and helping people be involved in the election process.

From being fiscally responsible, to keeping local control of our curriculum and empowering students to succeed, Brian appreciates the responsibility entrusted to him as a Board Member of Alpine School District..